What should Tirin do (chapter 16, page 26)?

These are all outcomes I have been thinking about and already have drafts of where the story would go based on each of them.  I am going to allow you to decide!  So choose wisely.  One vote per person please.  In order to allow time for me to create the next page, please vote by Sept 30!

Give Sariel free reign to do whatever she thinks is best.


Allow Abby to win the Tedemsis Trial by knocking out Mistress Salock


Allow Abby to win the Tedemsis Trial by killing Mistress Salock


Escape Saronia to another planet far, far away


Travel back in time and terminate the Mistress.


Do nothing and accept her fate, effectively designating Sariel as Keeper of the Spice


Suggest your own option in comments section

Poll ended Sep 30, 2019
31 votes total
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