What should we work on next?
The year is coming to an end and the many little things we have been working on in 2018 are finally coming together. Recently, we have finished multiplayer support in VUEngine, crowning a whole lot of amazing features that have been added to the engine in the past 12 months, and we have released demos of both our side projects. 

This looks like the perfect moment to take a step back and consider our options to move forward. So we'd like to ask you, what should we put our focus on in the coming months? What would be most interesting to you? In case it's a draw for you, know that you can vote for any option, not just one.

If none of these options fancies you too much and you'd be interested in something else, we'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments section below! But please refrain from requesting anything that would involve any copyright related problems. Thanks!

Playable demo of Formula V, our fast, futuristic top-down racing game


Complete Spong, our multiplayer game


New, public Capitan Sevilla 3D demo


Demo of a multiplayer-only first person boxing game, in the vein of Teleroboxer


Tutorial series showing, step by step, how to create a simple game in VUEngine


Rework VUEngine's sound capabilities to add support for better music playback, among other things


Other (specify in the comments section)

Poll ended Dec 31, 2018
40 votes total

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