What software do we edit with?
Hey everyone! The other day it was suggested that we look into affiliate programs to try and make some profit. So what better product than Adobe Creative Cloud.

People are always asking us what software we use. Well, we literally use Adobe CC for all of our editing. We use Adobe Premiere to edit and colour grade, Adobe After Effects for VFX, Adobe Photoshop for VFX and channel art, and Adobe Audition to pitch my voice to sound like a very masculine women. You can get all of these, plus loads more apps for a single monthly subscription across 2 computers. Or you can purchase individual apps.

If you use this link:  goo.gl/GZR9i6  to make your purchase it will give us a cut of the profits. I strongly recommend these apps if you're wanting to make content of any sort. It's quite affordable considering it's industry standard. We also use it in our day jobs editing corporate video. Plus we've even used it to do VFX on a feature film!

And keep in mind that I'll be doing editing tutorials using this software, so I'll be able to help get you going. Plus I can point you to really handy tutorials that I l've learned from over the last 10 years.

If you're not sure or deciding between different products, feel free to ask me for help.

If you're in the US and this points you to the Australian store, let me know and I'll try get a better link.