What Song Should Folkwood Choose to send to NPR's Tiny Desk?

I had a supporter on Twitter suggested Folkwood enter NPR's Tiny Desk Contest (that wasn't aware of!).

I already love both NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts and All Songs Considered, and being played on NPR has been one of my goals.

Another big goal was to be aired on the BBC - and about a year ago, that came true!

So I'm going to be filming a video, centered around my new Studio Desk, for #TinyDeskContest.

Thank you for all your support!

Now, What Song Should I Use?

(the demos for the three songs on the list, that are designated for release on the upcoming album, Home.)

Lonely - https://youtu.be/6PYYgH-lQRQ
Home - https://youtu.be/7TR0C_LUCog

Mountain (Creative Jam) - https://soundcloud.com/folkwood-1/mountain-update-9-11-2016/s-6XjCo


Way Down

Earth Is My Rocketship

The World

Born In Sorrow

Lonely (to be on the upcoming album, Home)

Home (to be on the upcoming album, Home)

Mountain (to be on the upcoming album, Home)

4 votes total