What a Soul Connected Life Means to Me
A Soul connected life to me, means living by deepest intuition, from the place I know connects with the Divine. It flows like water and touches all areas of my life. I strive each day to be the purest reflection of myself possible, so that the divine light that resides in each of us, can shine clearly without being dimmed. This isn't always easy, but it's who I am, it's what I reset to after all the storms. It's what goes into my writing, my relationships, it fuels my passions and it quite frankly, gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. I've been through a lot in my life, from being homeless and hungry as a child, to being homeless and hungry as an adult. From bad relationships, to the twin flame (and I hope to finish that statement one day with, to the love of my life). I am a hopeless romantic, a constant optimist and an annoying Pollyanna. I will find the bright side in anything, though sometimes when I get knocked down, I just need to stay there for a bit and lick my wounds. But I ALWAYS come back. I believe in a loving sentient god. Are we a part of that consciousness? I think we are, but I don't think we will ever have all the answers here. All I know for sure, is every part of my life has brought me to where I am now and all I want to do is live, love, and share hope, wisdom, and enlightenment. If you can get behind that, I think we're about to start something amazing here. At least I pray with everything that I am, that we are. God led me here, I am who I am, I share that. I wish everyone who comes by here, whether you stay or not, I wish you peace, I wish you strength, most of all I wish you love in all forms and I thank you for sharing at least part of this journey with me. ~ Samantha