Sep 26, 2021

Triathlon is an endurance sport, it brings together Running, Cycling and Swimming. This sport joined the Olympic programme at the Sydney 2000 Games, in Australia, with a single event for men and another for women. A triathlon is a continuous, non-stop race that starts with the swim usually in open water, which is followed by a bike leg and then a run. There are also off-road triathlons where the bike and run legs take place off-road.

A triathlon is a very popular sport and present throughout and all over the world. It is a competition involving perpetual and persevering endurance contests. It is an individual sports in which participants are competing for the greatest time. Originating from France in the early 1920s, this sport is certainly a unique one. The sport forces competitors to be in the best shape; whereas, their perseverance and endurance will be pushed to the extreme. With more than 3.5 million participants worldwide, triathlons are more about personal goals than competition. A triathlon may seem intimidating, but the event has a reputation for being unusually welcoming and supportive to beginners. Its training is varied, and often completed in groups - taking part provides motivation for those looking to gain fitness and confidence through racing. There are also several adaptations of triathlons that have made the sport more feasible for athletes of all ages and fitness levels to compete in.

Triathlons may vary in length, but all begin with swimming, followed by cycling, and end with running. There are a number of different triathlon distances, from the shortest triathlon, the super sprint which has a 400m swim, 10km bike and a2.5km run, to Ironman, which has a 3.8km swim, 180km bike leg and 42km run. For those who really love a challenge there are also ultra triathlons. The most common triathlon distance follows international Olympic guidelines. It includes a swim of 1.5km, a bicycle ride of 40km and a run of 10km. The one-day triathlon that covers the longest distances is the Ironman, which top performers finish in less than nine hours. Planners continue to organize longer unofficial races as participants become more ambitious to test the limits of human endurance. 

One of the benefits that draw competitors into the sport of triathlon is its overall fitness. It is true that triathlons help people gain and maintain a strong and healthy body. Some people claim that it even reduces stress levels. Also giving the opportunity to experience the ecstatic feeling of crossing the finish line. No matter how much experience that gain in the sport, the relief, elation and thrill of the 토토사이트 finish line coming into view never diminishes. Whatever the case may be, triathlon is a popular worldwide sport that is continuously gaining participants as the world goes on. Learn more