Thanks to everyone who has made the decision to subscribe. I hope to make it worth it. I wanted to quickly outline my vision for this space:

-At least one written post per week. My goal is to have a designated day of the week on which my posts will come out. I don't know what day that might be as of yet. We'll see. I hope to fall into a rhythm with this and have a routine establish itself naturally. 

-The topics of my writing will most likely stay the same. I'm interested in what I'm interested in. I might try to write shorter, more focused posts than I have in the past. For example, instead of my thoughts on six different movies in one post, I'll focus each post on each new movie I see. Maybe I'll write quick reactions to Sixers games once the NBA season begins. And maybe Eagles games as well? Although that would most likely amount to nothing but incoherent, unhinged screaming.

-I would also like to supplement those posts with more thought out, better proofread (the bane of my existence) pieces on larger cultural ideas that are floating in my head. These ideas tend to be half-formed at best. But writing ideas out tends to come with the added benefit of explaining yourself to, well, yourself. And total coherence is probably overrated anyway. Anyone who claims to have anything figured out is a liar. 

-At least two podcasts per month, once I can figure out what I'm doing when it comes to recording & editing podcasts (and paying for the necessary podcasting equipment).

-I have three general ideas for podcasts that I would like to do:

1.) A classic cinema podcast with Nicholas Nicholay Andre III. The premise is to focus on three movies from a given year for each podcast episode. The first podcast episode will focus on three movies from 1939. The next episode will focus on three movies from 1940. And so on and so forth.

2.) A basketball podcast with Antonio Anthony Grandinetti IV. The premise of this podcast is to discuss grown men putting an orange ball into a tall hoop.

3.) A general podcast where I interview...whoever the fuck I want to interview. People I find interesting for whatever reason. I know somebody who is trying to start a successful YouTube channel with her boyfriend. How's that going? My neighbor is an Olympic gold medalist. That seems kind of cool. What's it like to live in Minnesota, Jim Ellis? Do any of the history teachers I know have any thoughts on the current political environment? So on and so forth. I love the idea of being the host of a podcast version of the Charlie Rose Show. And that must be the most pathetic statement ever uttered by a person under the age of 65. But I am who I am.

-I know that my eyes are bigger than my stomach at this point in the process. I would be shocked if I managed to do all of the things I want to do with this page for a sustained, consistent period of time. But ambition isn't a bad thing. And I hope I can do at least some of the stuff I want to do. I think I can. 

-So, it's time to get started. Thanks for coming along for the ride.