What To Expect in December
Ah, December - my birthday month! Either way, it's also the month of a lot of licensed LEGO set releases - I imagine we'll start seeing LEGO Batman Series 2 Minifigures, as well as the rest of those new 2018 sets for the line. Expect a big opening for the CMFs - I like the series so much, I'm trying to get my hands on a box. But no promises.

In terms of videos, we still have the Friends Advent Calendar planned for this weekend, as well as the video-version of the just2podcast with Ross. Speaking of the just2podcast, I might have a pretty popular YouTuber (more than half a million subs) appear on it - he's one of my favorites - but I'm still working out scheduling with him. If all goes well, he'll be the guest for next weekend. 

Next weekend also might bring the Top __ Sets of Winter 2018 video, but we'll have to see. I have finals this week and next week, so I'll start production on it once I finish that. 

In general, when I'm done with finals I'll have a lot of free time, and I have some ideas for just2games videos which I want to knock out this month.

Finally, I have another Top 10 to round out the year planned, but it will be tricky to get permission to share the info in it. It's the return of an informational one, and the subject is darn interesting. 

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