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Hello Guys! We want to let our patrons know that we have some really great informational / exclusive videos that you're going to love. This kind of information is just not suited for the mainstream YT viewing platform and is why we have been busy preparing the Patreon platform for hosting our exclusive material. So supporters be on the look out each month for two exclusive videos just for you.

We also are working on a new travel abroad book for travelers and expats which will help you become wiser, healthier and less apt to be taken advantage of while traveling to different countries. We tell it like it is, as usual. This book will have everything you'll want to know and need to know to live an abundant and safe life abroad.  Our loyal and dedicated fans (patrons) at a certain tier level will have free access to this book as part of our thank you to you! 

Come and join our exclusive community and receive the REAL DEAL when it comes to traveling, moving and retiring in a developing country.  

We hope to see you here! Frank and Angie

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