Victory Signs & Gilding produces Hand crafted signs.  Located in Humboldt County, we are the only local company offering gilding services as well as chipped and etched glass.  Handcrafted signs include:
  • Hand lettering on wood, aluminum, magnets, and awnings. 
  • Business signs attached to buildings, monument signs built in front of a business.
  • Windows lettered with paint as well as Gold Leaf.
  • Wooden Signs sandblasted and hand painted.
  • Boat Names and I.D. Numbers.
  • Vehicles including logging trucks, vans, personal trucks, race cars, cement trucks, backhoes, and airplanes. 
  • Hand lettering on magnetic siding for vehicles.
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Logo Design
  • Gilded names on doors as well as second story windows

Victory Signs provides a service to historical preservation enthusiasts as well as home owners looking to restore or maintain their buildings. We are going after a niche market to create signage, gilding and glass work for Victorian restorations. 

My passion is hand lettering trucks, boats, and windows with business names.