What will you get when you pledge?
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When you support creators on Patreon, you'll receive rewards. I've tweaked up the rewards here on the page a little to make sure there's something for everyone and no one really feels left out.

That's why I have several options, so that both financially limited starseeds can join the community and those who consider getting something more personalized and want to offer their support to a higher extent will get what they pledge for. I love providing these for you, while it means you'll also support me financially to keep providing valuable resources and work of love and stardust for you all.

That's why I'm offering a one card reading here NOW on this post. But before that treat I'm taking in requests - what would make you pledge, if you haven't yet? If you have, is there anything I could add to bring into this community? 

Let me know in the comments!

Here's your message!

Fly high, starseed! It's your time to jump and take that leap of faith you've thought of taking!

With anything really, this a pretty good card to get. It shows us a brand new journey in our lives. Something new is about to come - but it's up to you to bring it into form. You have the choice to get something beautiful started in your life, whatever area of your life you're considering renewing. 

This card has popped up in your consciousness to open your eyes for it, for you to see that THIS. IS. THE MOMENT. This is the time for you to start whatever you've thought of beginning, or finding a completely new way of doing something in a brand new way. This is your chance.

It can also be another cycle in your life that's meant to happen, but there is again a choice for you to open up for it. If you do not, however, you'll stay in the same state with same feelings, thoughts, vibrations and ideas - whatever your reality is. But the reason for this cycle is to help you grow spiritually and otherwise, if anything it further serves your purpose on this planet and lifetime. So ponder on your current cycle, what to take with you, and what to leave behind, so that you can bring on the new frequencies. 

Whatever your choice is, there's always a way to survive and make a new decision, so do not fear, starseed <3

Much love and stardust for you all :)

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