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What Would the Ministry of a Gnostic Jesus Look Like?
Bringing back a classic permanently that will surely expand your mind while disband your reality. Only you will know this, but next week Gary Lachman discusses the greatest occultists in history. I didn't make the list... Direct Audio: Direct Download: What if there was a novel that depicted the Bible life of the Christ seen through the Gnostic wordlview? A true Gnostic Jesus and how his preaching would have transformed the world instead of two thousand years of violence. A cosmic Messiah that descended through the Heavens in order to awaken all souls of the world instead of barking about sin and The Law? What if this story used the Nag Hammadi texts as the direct dialog between the Savior and all the characters, utilizing over 1500 Gnostic passages? What if it showed Jesus and Mary Magdalene as the lower Aeons of Christ and Sophia battling the Demiurge on several planes? There is one out there long overdue. We explore this new Gospel that turns Israel and the ancient world upside down in a positive, esoteric way. Astral Guest--L.Caruana, author of 'The Hidden Passion'
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