What would you like for GxL's 3rd Route?(spolier)
At the end of the new alpha, you may have noticed 3 choices called "relationship routes", these are choice that give the game 3 different endings.  Right now, these are:

-Divina's/Main Route (Colette Marries Divina)

-Pure's Route (Become A Prostitute Along With Cure/Pure)

-3rd Route (????)

Screenshot: http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/544378Screenshot1466284185144843.png

These 3 routes set how the game ends(3 different endings).

But for the 3rd Route, I was planning to let you guys decide what you want this character route to be with a poll.  But before I post the poll, I wanted to ask you guys if there are any addtional character routes you want me to add to the poll.

Right now, these are the current character routes on the poll I'm planning to have(the winner of the poll will become the 3rd Route of the game):


-Filla's/Mayor's Daughter Route (Colette becomes Filla's mistreated slave)

-Jake's Route (Father-Daughter Incest, Colette becomes a complete father-con who perfers and pursues her daddy.)

-Sophia's Route (Twin incest, Colette marries Sophia)

-Rocker/Henreitta's/Farmer's Route (Colette loves Henreitta's Grandfather Rocker, and Colette & Henreitta both compete for his affection.)

-Elly's Route (Mother-Daughter Incest, Colette Completely Accepts and prefers her birth mother, and helps Elly pursue shota interest)

-Mimi's Route (StepMother-StepDaughter Incest, Colette's prefers Mimi and they both begin masturbating in public together.)

-Ina's Route (Half-Sisters Incest, Ina fools Colette into becoming her lover and constantly do very perverted things to her.)

-Midori's & Ina's Route (3 Half-Sisters Incest, Colette prefers Midori and competes with Ina for her affections).


These are all the character routes I'm planning to add to the poll, but I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for addtional routes for me to add to the poll.

Please feel free to comment below(or PM me if you rather) about what route(s) you would like to see added to the poll.  If it can fit in the game, I'll add it to the poll, anyone may add suggestions here(but note that only poll level patrons will be able to vote on the poll)

I will try to post this new poll in a few days from now.

Edit: The new poll is now live.

Thanks for reading everyone!