What would you like to see next?
When I launched this Patreon, my first goal was to complete a three-part Exotic Armament series, but then wait to see what my patrons wanted to see next before making any concrete plans. Now that the Crystal, Angelic, and Demonic Armaments sets are out of the way, I need to find out what you guys would like me to focus on in upcoming sets. The way I see it, I have three basic options:


  • 1) I can expand the existing Dungeon Master tools. That means releasing ten-card sets that can be shuffled into your Dungeon Maker, Curious Effects, or Overland Travel decks, to add more variety to those systems.
  • 2) I can expand the lineup of treasure cards or add new categories. That could mean adding ten more Art Objects or Trade Goods, or it could mean totally new gear sets like Tools & Kits or Wondrous Items. Basically more and more cards that help players manage their equipment and help dungeon masters simplify their loot distribution.
  • 3) I can create completely new sets of cards to help with different aspects of gameplay that I haven't covered yet. Things like Spell Cards, Monster Cards, or Mounts & Vehicles. Cards with more rules data than usual, which might help things run smoother around the table.


So which route do think you would find most appealing? And is there anything specifically you'd like to see in future ten-card packs from Patreon? Thanks again for your support, Pixel Loot wouldn't exist without you!

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