What You May Have Missed
I have been busy with classes, working in the gallery, and yes, doing some writing! Here is my most recent writing online that you may have missed:

- Black Femme Lesbian Identities in the Paintings & Photography of Mickalene Thomas, Rigorous (academic essay)

- Practical Ways White Allies Can Influence Their Communities, Wear Your Voice Magazine (essay)

- Some Practical Responses to Facebook List Making, Aaminah Shakur on Medium (essay/tutorial)

In other updates:

- I won a small ($500) scholarship from the Grand Rapids Trans Foundation towards this school year's tuition. Last year I won their first, $2,500, scholarship and this year they were able to expand to offer four scholarships. Here is their press release: $7000 in Scholarships for Trans Students (The Rapidian)

- As you may know, I work 6-10 hours a week in the school's gallery on work study. Due to some new injuries and the effects of aging combined with disability, I was forced to go to the gallery management and admit that I can no longer do the more physical aspects of the job. I was expecting to be let go, but instead received terrific support and affirmation of how valuable I am to the team. We are currently installing the Art Prize 9 show, which opens August 29, and I was offered the opportunity to research and write the artist statements and other wall text, which is something I had previously done for the UICA's US IS THEM show also and really enjoy. 

- This next week I begin a small work study position of up to 5 hours a week in the Art History department (my department) scanning books and doing other small administrative tasks as needed. It's not a big job, but it looks good on my résumé, affords me the opportunity to work directly with professors, utilizes existing skills and may add to my skills, and also takes into account my disabilities and respects them. It's a small enough bit of income that it doesn't greatly affect my access to Medicaid and student financial aid, but enough to also help some. The hours are not guaranteed, however, and there may be many weeks where there is no work for me.

- For those interested in my academic trajectory, I am taking 12 credit hours this autumn. I will be taking a 400 level Fashion in Fine Art in the 20th & 21st Centuries, 300 level History of Photography, 300 level Ethnic & Interracial Dynamics, and 200 level Art of Latin America. In the Spring I am already planning for a 400 level Race, Gender, & Sexuality in Contemporary Art and some kind of 300 level Architectural History.

As you may recall, I have had to update my transportation costs due to rising car fares. I am not able to take the bus due to the high levels of pain and illness I experience, so I am at the mercy of Uber and Lyft rates, despite living only 5 minutes from school/the gallery. Some local friends have been wonderful about helping me out with trips to the doctor (including having to go this past week for x-rays on my spine & hip due to a new issue), but the everyday short trips cost me $8-10 each way to and from school ($80-100 a week). My transportation is one of my highest monthly expenses, and I rely heavily on support via Patreon and otherwise to cover it.