What you will NOT find here
There are things that will never be done by me, there are alot of reasons for that, some don't really need an explanation, others are just a thing of my  tastes.

If you find this problematic, please don't be my patron, I think it´s not needed to say that if you  ask for some of the stuff on this list I will simply say no in some cases, or I'll report you to the authorities just for it without further advise, plain and simple.

In adition to ilegal stuff everyone has things that are off limits, here is my list of things that both for legal and personal reason will NEVER be done by me, and I will never :

- Under age/child/anything similar: NO, just fucking NOT, don't even ask

- Rape: NO, same as above....

- Non consensual/violence/snuff: Related to the rape thing.

- Scat: sorry not my thing.

- Gore/bore: again not my thing.

This list can be altered to fit more things, this is just a first draft; I think it is prety clear.

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