What your pledges are really worth. 🌱 (very important, please read.)

Hi, everyone! 

When I first started on Patreon last year, I didn't really expect that there would come a time that I would need to post something like this. But a lot has happened since that time, so many patrons came and went, and I have received so much support from you guys, that I feel like I need to address some things. Especially since I have received some messages from patrons that didn't feel that what they were receiving (in the mail) were not enough. 

Now, while that may seem like an acceptable criticism, and no matter how much I tell myself that I'm doing the best that I can with what I have, it still does hurt. ^^ One of my (probably unreasonable) fears as a creator is that I'm not giving you enough for your money. So unprofessional to admit, right? But that's the simplest way to put it, and I know that the only way I can solve this is to explain some things, as real as they are, from my point of view as a creator.

So, what's the real monetary value of each reward? 

My tiers are really simple:

$1 : thank you for your interest! ♥

$5: downloadable art, free lineart

$15: downloadable art, free lineart, free layered raw psd file, printable sticker sheet, free chibi drawing 

$25: all of the above, plus mailables (a small pack of stationery mailed to you)

$35: all of the above, plus mailables, plus an original 3x4 watercolor painting.

$100: all of the above, plus a tshirt (no one is currently pledged to this as of writing)

Please note that Patreon takes away a percentage of what you pay, so I don't really receive the amount you are paying.

Outside Patreon, these are how much each reward is worth (based on my regular rates, which are really almost below baseline) :


- A non-commissioned* digital high-res copy of an artwork is at least $5 each. (you get at least 2 per month, so at the very least you get $10 worth of digital art)

- A  non-commissioned lineart version of something is at least $5 each. (in some months, you get two of this)

- A  non-commissioned layered psd file of a fully-coloured artwork is at least $25 each (unless commissioned. when commissioned, this could go up to at least $100 USD. )

- A  non-commissioned printable sticker sheet is at least $5 each.

- A commissioned chibi drawing is at least $20 USD each. 

*non-commissioned means pre-prepared artwork based solely on artist's own preference.

Mailables (mostly custom stationery designed, printed, cut, and prepared by me):

- A sticker sheet is at least $3 USD each. (1-4 each set)

- A sticker pack is at least $3 each. (1-3 each set)

- A postcard is at least $3 - $5 each. 

- An original 3x4 watercolor painting is at least $15 - $20 each.

- International shipping fees via regular registered mail is at least $5 each small envelope. Packaging materials + transpo to the post office would cost around $1 per patron.


If you pledge $5, the actual amount you'll be receiving is worth around at least $20 USD.

If you pledge $15, the actual amount you'll be receiving is worth around at least $70 USD.

* If you pledge $25, the actual amount you'll be receiving is worth around at least $91 USD.

* If you pledge $35, the actual amount you'll be receiving is worth around at least $111 USD.

( * if, for example, you'll be receiving 2 sheets and 2 packs per envelope)

That's..it. I hope this clears things up for you. Writing these down really makes me realize things as well.

Sometimes, I ask myself if I need to increase my patreon rates, especially with tiers with mailables because the shipping fees are eating away most of the pledge amount. >< But then I reconsider and think that "Oh, nevermind since I have lots of other pledges that will make up for it..for now". But..what will happen when time comes that I don't have enough patrons? It's something I think about again and again. I hate asking people for additional fees (for shipping, etc), but I know that one day I would have to. ;_;

ABOUT MAILABLES (what you get in the mail):

The contents of my mailables, like I've mentioned earlier, were mostly made by me. I draw them, print them, cut them, and pack them. I know that it may seem less than what subscription-based creators offer here on patreon, but, it's all I have. While I do sell them too on conventions and soon on my shop, you get them for a lot less, and most importantly, I made them on my own and with you in mind. 

It can be hard to make the world understand the value of handmade stuff, but that's all I can say for now. ;;

Sometimes I do include 1 or 2 small vintage stationery items I find in Japan Surplus shops near me (yes, I always keep a look out of cute stuff to send you♥). But that's really rare and if I add more stuff to the pack, it will get heavier, thus, bigger shipping fees. T____T

These are mailed around the end of the month or start of the next month to give time for last-minute pledges. They arrive around 2-4 weeks after I take them to the post office. Philippine postage is super slow though, so please expect a delay from time to time. ;; Your current pledges sadly cannot afford a faster postage like EMS or UPS, but I'd definitely take it into consideration if ever I increase my tiers (if ever!).


For $15 tier and up, you can request for 1 chibi drawing per month. Like mentioned above, It is actually worth at least $20-$25 each. It is optional, and you can only request within the month you are pledge to. For example, July requests should be made within July only (or first week of August). Like I said, this is optional. If you're too busy, you don't have to request anything. :) Chibi drawings take around 2 weeks to finish because...real life... >< But rest assured that I will do it. All I ask is for your patience.♥


I've gotten a couple of questions about using the art I send you for REPRINTING and RESELLING, sadly, I do not allow that. The pledges you pay me and their worth outside patreon is only for PERSONAL USE. I hope you understand. You can always commission me for commercial-use artworks, it would be a great help to me.


I'm very sorry that I rarely post here, but I am active on my art instagram. Since 2 years ago, due to something that happened to me personally, I limited my use of the internet, and even turned off all internet-related notifications on my phone. I only have twitter and instagram to post my art and photos. It's the most accessible for me so it's where I update mostly. I also don't have a reliable internet source where I live, so unfortunately I can't stream or post videos here. ;_; Hopefully one day I can provide this type of reward here, but sadly that's just not possible at the moment.


So, I hope this clears up some things about the worth of tiers and rewards. I really didn't intend to post something this assertive and as-a-matter-of-factly, but I realized that it is necessary. 

Please understand that every creator here in patreon is different. Please do not compare my rewards with others, and other's with mine, because, I'm so sorry for saying this, that's just not fair. We all work hard for what we offer here, and it's always up to you if you choose to support us or not. Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome, but if it's not too much to ask, please choose your words carefully. While it doesn't take to much to be kind, it also doesn't take much to bring someone down. ><

With that, always know that your support means SO MUCH to me. Talking about money and what it's worth is always hard, but thank you for staying and reading until the end.


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