What Your Support Lets Me Do; Subtitle; A Souichi Update Update
This is my final drawing for my art class; It's approximately 8 feet tall, and honestly I'm very proud of it. Being able to get onto campus was an impossible task for a solid month due to mental health reasons; But I feel like I'll be able to pull through this class, and right now I'm proud of that. 

When I made it out of the house today, thanks to you guys supporting me and my little corner of horror, I was able to replace my broken apple remote (watching doofy things thro a dinky apple TV keeps me stable, and honestly instant acsess to re-watching TBFP silent hill two or GG playing Sonic Boom has fuelled more Souichi presents then I can name), some new coffee beans, and a snack before critique. 

All of which I could have lived without for a while longer. But having these things means so much to my quality of life, and self care. So what I'm saying is, every supporter I have has a hand in wierd stuff like this, and a wierd person living a little happier. 

And of course, thankfully now, I can say again with confidence that Souichi... WILL... return! Kyahahaha!