What Your Support Allowed Us To Support
As we mentioned previously, due to lower-than-hoped-for income (from few supporters and paid episodes in 2017), it didn't seem right to just donate only our pledged 10% to the Hater Kitty Rescue Army and Outcry Street Ministry and we pledged to give at least 50%. 

Yesterday, Dirk went to the Big Food Store (aka Costco) and this cart represents 80% of your support in 2017. While it doesn't seem like a lot - and Dirk decided to exceed the 50% promise because it looked so meager (stuff is expensive even with Bargain Ninja® skillz) - it's something to help the kittehs and people during this cold winter. 

For 2018, we'd like to make this several carts AND for Dirk and Otto to make a couple of bucks making Random Access Talk. If you aren't a supporter now, please consider making a pledge to help keep the lights on. If you're already a backer, thank you, but consider bumping up a tier. 

But, if you've can't afford to support us monetarily, please tell others to cherk us ert. We don't want to be your little secret, we want to be everyone's little secret. And hopefully more will appreciate what we do to chip in a bit to help us help others more. 

Thanks for listening and your support!