What'd I Miss (August 11, 2016)
The first of my Hamilton Collection, gender swapped versions of the costumes from the Broadway musical Hamilton.

I was listening to the song, "What'd I Miss," the Act 2 opener that introduces Thomas Jefferson and wondered what Jefferson's outfit (a luxurious purple velvet jacket and suit) would look like as a gown. I chose a French style, since Thomas Jefferson had just returned home from Ambassadorial duties in France, and incorporated the ruffles and bow of his cravat into the embellishment of the neckline. And, of course, buttons, buttons, buttons galore!

(and my brother's sketch featured in the corner, testing my red pen)

Colored with: Concept Dual Tip Marker in Vivid Purple, Windsor & Newton Pigment Marker in Parchment

Lined with: Pigma Micron in Black 005, Sharpie Pen in Black

On: Bee Paper Company Professional Series Quick Rough Sketchbook