Whatever Shall I Do?
 So, Beltane (May 1st) has come and gone, the day I promised to make a decision about who would get this color study for the Necromant painting I am starting to call "Black Agnes" in my own mind. Lately, I've been troubled in my ability to focus on Things That Need To Be Done, so this took longer than expected.

When I made the black-paper, colored-pencil study of the Necromant painting, Knick Moschella and Elizabeth Bennefeld both expressed a desire to own the original. (I offered it to any my $20 backers for the bother of picking up the cost of postage.)

With two people and one piece of artwork, figuring out how to handle this became a stumper. The Solomon solution didn't seem a very good option. The easy answers bored me. Most importantly, I wanted it to feel fair, and I did not want either person to come away feeling they got short shrift. 

After thinking through many ideas that were easy, or serious, or even terribly serious... I decided that fun would be nice. I liked the idea of making this fun. 

Have Fun!

I figured no one could argue if I inveigled my dog into helping me out. I'd shoot a little video, put it all together quick, easy, and that would be that!

Except I've never made a video before. Well, not since high school when I tried to draw/paint an animated short on cells, by hand. That was quite a failure, but I think the video I've cooked up -- which you can find here on YouTube  -- actually turned out not too bad for a first exposure to the apps and tech involved. 

It was 'way easier than painting on cells. And a damn sight more fun. 

The winner has been decided! The story unfolds in a three-minute short, and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

-- Liz

(That other picture, the fireball-casting battlemage? It is a previous experiment with colored pencil on black paper, shown here for reasons. Read more about it in an earlier post!)