What'll It Be?
So, Thursday approacheth and I'm trying to decide what to do for Flash Friday this week. Unless there's something specific one of you dear ones has a hankering for, I think we're going to play the random title game again. 

I used a randomizer to create the following titles. Give me your top 3 and I'll pick one of them to write for this week's flash. (Or, you can still tell me what you want to see. Even if I don't use something this week, I keep it around for when inspiration is light on the ground! And just because something doesn't strike the muse this week, keep pictures and prompts coming.) 

Here are the random titles:

Shadow of the Emerald

Cold Servant
The Green Soul
Scent of A Girl
Blade in the Son
Girl in the Silk
Serpents of the Mists
End in the Ashes 
Touch of Flames

Tier Benefits
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