What's at the $100 goal?
I have added a goal slot at which I feel I can comfortably remove the ads for everyone on the Youtube channel. It would mean going back through them all and manually demonetizing them, but I am willing to spend the time to switch all 152 (current) videos on the channel and make sure they are all removed from the videos. For reference, that goal is set at $100 a month, as that is the minimum that payments would get sent out to me at. If we could eventually work up to 100 people at just $1 a month that would cover it, even with the fee that Patreon takes out when sending payments.

I have a bunch of heavy housework to try to push through today, but I do hope to score some writing time. This I would either put on the next installment of Selkies' Skins, a story for in the next volume of Book of Pearls, finishing a more difficult poem meant for this month, or a short story.

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