Whats going on, why haven't you posted?
Hello everyone, well its been a while since i have posted, and i have been asked a few times about it.

As most of you know I was ill at the end of June and although mostly recovered now, I have a lot of work to catch up on with the dungeon Tile orders, so the Patreon page has fallen by the wayside.

But now its time to pick it back up and dust it off.  The Dungeon Encounters are still going to happen, i just need to sort out some more maps, which are hand drawn at the moment, and need to be put on the machines for transmission to you guys.

I have also started fully play testing the Rosebyrne manor Rules, and there are a few changes that have been made to the game, which i will cover in another post, but its all good stuff.

Ill be putting the Print and Play (PnP) stuff up on here for you guys to download and test, they will be available to the $5 tier and above, although i will be sharing the design and development stuff with every who is a supporter.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around and supporting me over the past few difficult months, it is most appreciated!!

Andy @ DMB

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