What's going on with us?

Hi, everyone. Before we get into anything else, there's one thing we should clarify: We did not intend to charge you for the Patreon campaign this month. We've been putting the campaign on hold each month, but we must have missed December somehow, for which we apologize. Since we haven't been putting out content, you shouldn't be getting charged.

Once we realized our error, we contacted Patreon to see if we could refund all of this month's money. Unfortunately, they let us know that's not possible, so we'll have to refund everyone individually. We'll get that done as soon as we can. You don't need to contact us to request a refund; we're just going to do everyone.

Beyond that, you're probably wondering what exactly is going on with this whole "podcasting" thing.

Well, so are we.

As you may know, our lives have all changed pretty considerably. All three of us have moved out of the Bay Area, and Jake and Chris took new jobs in Seattle, which meant we had to uproot our personal and professional lives. It also meant we left our recording studio behind—and the frictionless access to group recording and regular routine that came with it. Honestly, we still haven't adjusted to the change enough to make room for podcasting, but we want to.  We've been discussing ways to dip our toes back into the (frankly very gross) waters of Important If True, and we have some ideas, but nothing concrete to report yet.

Sorry that we don't have anything more to tell you at this point—we didn't mean to go this long without any word. It snowballed before we even realized it'd happened. Thanks to everyone who's stuck around, and hopefully we'll have more to say soon!

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