Whats going on!?!?
Hi Patrons and followers alike! Its been a long while since I've been around and a whole lot has went down during that time being off the grid. The company I work for was bought out by a corporation in a different state. My company also provides my family and I a place to live as well as pays for our insurance. We were very concerned with the change and how it would affect our family. It turns out after about a month now that it seems like everything will be okay. Our oldest daughter Ava is starting school this upcoming Thursday and she is very excited. Finally, some video games worth playing are arriving for the new consoles. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil will be released Tuesday night and my crew and I will be playing that until Destiny comes out on September 9th. Expect footage from both games streamed live to my twitch channel as well as highlights being uploaded to my youtube channel. Hope to see your smiling faces in the comments! See you soon -- Love you! -Bruno
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