What's Happened, and Coming Up
As mentioned yesterday, it's been a busy month - and this week's going to be the busiest. Been looking for opportunities to create art, and several popped up this month.

Last month I was commissioned to create some promotional art for a comic series called The Bovine League (whose kickstarter has launched! )

Since then, the folks at Hiro Unlimited asked if I'd been interested in helping design characters for another series they're working on - and it has been on of the biggest projects I've been working on this month. But it's been a great experience, I hope I get to share more about it later on!

Another big project I've been working on this month is finishing the next FE book: the first Short Stories anthology! Happy to report all the pages of this book are now finished, and ready for next month's print samples and preorders. The book will be over 130 pages, with all six short story comics shown above ~

There's one more big project I've been prepping this month, and that's the Tapas Creator Incubator program. They've opened up for submissions of original comic stories, and I've got one I've always wanted to submit to a publisher. Been polishing rough ideas and characters into a workable series to pitch. I hope it works out - but if it doesn't then I've got a good gem to show to other publishers, as well. (Long-time patrons may already know what this story is - if you're willing to go back far enough in past posts.)

Which brings me to this, the busiest week. The next couple days I'll be catching up on Patron rewards: commissions and finishing the Dishes comic. Then I'll be finishing up the Tapas pitch to submit this weekend - with a livestream Friday night finishing up.

Sadly, I'm not going to be able to do an FE page this week, but I will keep you updated as much as I can with these projects. If you have questions or concerns about your rewards, please let me know. Thanks for your patience and support!