What's happening with Aethernea
Guys, sorry for the delay in posting chapter 121. It is nearly done, needs just a bit of tweaking, it will be up tomorrow. Believe it or not, the delay was caused by a sudden inspiration of mine.

You must be thinking - But wait? If you were inspired to write Aethernea, why is the chapter late?

Well, the answer is, because I was inspired to write something that is yet to come, so I temporarily paused writing the current chapter and quickly worked on that sudden insight of mine.

The best words I write are a result of a sudden moment of enlightenment and inspiration, so whenever I feel inspired, I stop writing whatever I am currently writing to note down the inspiration.

I've also been rereading Aethernea from the start and editing it. I've already found many places that need improvement and things that I find inconsistent or not quite right. I'm keeping a giant list of things I need to improve. When I'm done editing this first book it will be so much more awesome, you won't even mind rereading it to get to the juicy scenes I intend to include that I haven't included in the current draft version. ;)

I've also been working on writing a concise and compact compendium of magic, introducing all the types and terms used alongside their rules. It is becoming hard for me to keep track of it all and remember which one of my ideas I ended up using.

I intend to include this short compendium of magic theory in the copy of the first Aethernea book.

Speaking of the first Aethernea book, I decided to revert back to the original names I intended to give books. The first book of Aethernea, wasn't supposed to be named "Soulbound". It was supposed to be named "Aethernea of Sight", with the subsequent books each being named by a new Aethernea that appears in that book (e.g. Aethernea of Fate, Aethernea of Life...)

Since I initially planned to just have three books, in the end, I decided to scrap that way of naming and go with "Soulbound" instead. But now I realized that the Aethernea series will most likely have exactly the number of books equal to the number of Aethernea. So now it seems more appropriate (and awesome) to just name them by different Aethernea. 

What do you guys think?