What's happening in August!?
Yay!! July has been such an amazingly successful month on my Patreon and I just want to thank you all so much for supporting me!
Thanks to you we have reached my second goal!
As the goal is reached I have already placed my order for the new Marie Rose cosplay! I am getting it commissioned so I really hope it will turn out well, I went for a more expensive route rather than getting a cheap costume. The problem is it may take a while for the costume to be completed so I cannot garentee it will be done by the end of August!
But if it is I will ofc be doing the shoot and making the prints as fast as I can for all of you!

*As you ALL helped me achieve this goal, EVERYONE from Level 1 - 6 will be receiving a new Marie Rose print!*

Besides that I so have a Magical Girl D.Va costume on the way so regardless I will be doing this costume in August!

On my Twitch stream a viewer suggested I do a D.Va lookbook video since I have so many of her outfits, and I think that sounds like such a fun idea so I really want to make that! But maybe it will be too hot in August! T_T

I am also planning a re-shoot of my Bunny D.Va cosplay!

As always I will keeping you all updated with my cosplays, japan vlogs, twitch streams and main channel videos!