What's happening on Sherri's Playhouse!

Next up on Sherri's Playhouse is the Romance Thriller called Never Again by R.M. Alexander, we will have a chat with the cast including with the playwright on 11/11/2018 at 8pm pt; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2018/11/12/chatting-with-sherri-welcomes-the-cast-of-never-again

Then Sherri's Playhouse will present; Never Again on 11/14/2018 at 7pm pt; http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rithebard/2018/11/15/sherris-playhouse-presents-never-again

We are very excited about this radio play, it is a sexy film noir and we have been working hard, please join us.

Our next play in December will be; MABEL OF THE ANZACS; A Friendship for the Ages by Mary D Brooks.  A story about WW1 nurse who lives in Australia and is trying to just live her life of peace.  It comes from novel created by the same author, Mary D Brooks;  MABEL OF THE ANZACS; A Friendship for the Ages; (Intertwined Souls In Between Series Book 1) The play will be part one to be continued next season with an exciting cliff hanger.   


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