What's happening?
Hey hey! First post on here for the new year... So happy new year I guess. You may have noticed that I've not uploaded to YouTube in a while, but that is because I'm working on my EP! (And uni had me rather busy, but there we go...). Hoping to get a new video out soon, but the plan is to finish this EP for the end of February, and get it out there on ITunes and all the other cool things with a few new videos to accompany it. As per the perks on my page, Patrons get it free. I'm possibly going to look at adding and changing some awards (to make them more appealing, not taking anything away!) so I'll make another post soon confirming that. Also, had a bit of fun last night trying out Periscope so if you wanna follow me on that I think it's the same as my twitter handle? You can find it through twitter anyways. Hope you're all good! Matt