What's happening?
My life updates itself irregularly, and so will my Patreon page.

Right now, one novel (After Empire) is with the publisher and, as of 2 am today, I'm taking a hiatus from the other (The Year of the Fruitcake) so that I get enough distance to edit it. I promised readers there would be a chocolate theme in The Year of the Fruitcake and I'm certain I've put on weight from just writing those words. I shall eat cherries intead of chocolate for a long time. By a 'long time' I obviously mean hours, maybe even days.

The first non-recipe, non-update rewards for patrons will head your way this weekend. Next month and after, everything will happen the first weekend of the month.

I look at this and think "I want that air of breathless excitement that other people have invested their Patreon pages with." I don't live in an atmosphere of breathless excitement, however, especially when it's raining outside and I've only had a few hours sleep. 

I can't even do bad puns today! Still, I need to celebrate a not-quite-first-draft (first draft happens when I've done the first complete edit, for me) so I'm going to give everyone a pretty picture and patrons an extra picture, not so pretty but rather more important.

All my novels have photos supporting them. My private photo library has, right now, about 19,000 images. I'll give you one for each novel, shortly. The one for After Empire will be the public one and will be a public kind of picture and the one for The Year of the Fruitcake will be quite the opposite.

Thank you for suporting me - it means so much. It didn't just the finances (although having enough money to live on isn't ever 'just'), it's also knowing you like what I do. You're keeping imposter syndrome at bay, every single one of you. Thank you!!