What's Happening In March
Hey guys, just to let you know what's planned for the rest of this month.

I've been working insanely hard the past weeks, with double shifts every day, to have a lot of content prepared for you. That's because I will be on vacation in the US for about 3 weeks. But I didn't want you to lack videos. You won't feel my absence on the channel. There's at least one really big Monsters of the Week video scheduled that'll release within the next weeks and, if everything goes well, there will be another small video that comes shortly after that.

It's the first experiment of a new series on forgotten video game gems.

So... kinda interesting how less time and more pressure in the end resulted in far more content than usual. Guess pressure really makes diamonds after all, huh? ;)

The Patreon Cave Let's Play is also ready for launch and will air very soon, but I will most likely not make the stream this month. Maybe I might do something spontaneous in the locations I'm travelling to with the friends there, but I can't promise anything. Which means the Live Stream will likely be postponed to the beginning of March.

I hope you guys are doing well, as always thanks a lot for your support and I wish you a great March. See you soon,


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