What's in 0.0.3?
While you're enjoying 0.0.2 I thought you would be glad to know what'll await you in the next version. I'm making a point of honor to release a version once a month for every Patron (even more for some) and a public one once in 6 weeks. That's because you place a monthly trust towards my work and I feel I should thank you by adding game elements.

Here's the list of changes. Most of them, if not all, will be ready before the next release. Stay healthy and enjoy.

Oh and yes, version 0.0.3 WILL contain sex scenes if you'll figure out how to unlock them :D

* Added interview with dr Kirkman at start of game

* Added marital status for the player character

* Added sister/cousin for the player character

* Developed sister/cousin first part story arc

* New examination avalaible: Anne

* New examination avalaible: Paul

* New activity avalaible: gym

* New activity avalaible: pool

* New activity avalaible: Church

* New activity avalaible: "massage parlour"

* Added some lines of conversation at Ray's

* Character Norah introduced in Massage Parlour

* Added sex scene with.... (spoiler)

* Clinic is now closed on Sundays ("Work" action won't be avalaible on sundays)

* Church is now open on Sundays ("Church" action will be avalaible on sundays)

* Side images have been added in conversations