What's in it for you?
You might be wondering why on earth you'd want to contribute monthly to a family that is choosing to live life on the road. Why would you support someone that's making crazy changes - like selling everything we own, including the house! Or, like cramming two adults, a teenager, and two dogs into just 350 square feet.

The answer really has less to do with us, and lots more to do with you. Heather and I have been doing things a little differently for many years. From quitting smoking cold turkey to both of us losing about 40lbs and keeping it off, paying off $50k in consumer debt, paying off our house, and going carless in Dallas for nearly a year!

We've also been experimenting for the past 5 years with home cooked meals for about $2 per person. It's easier than you'd think!

Our teenager is unschooled, and while it's not for every family, we think more can, and should take their children's education away from a system designed in the age of assembly lines. Technology plays a large part in this.

What does all of that have to do with you? Everything. We've been sharing the tips and tricks to get you there via social media, speaking engagements, and other random ways. Epic Mini Life takes that to the next level, giving us the opportunity to focus on building and creating things that will inspire the same types of changes in YOUR lives.

By supporting us, you'll benefit directly with engaging content, exclusive tips, and an exclusive community of like minded people.

Let's do this. The American Dream is no longer a dream. It's within your grasp, and it's way cooler than you were sold.