What's In The Premium Course On Volumes?
We're still excited that we're on Patreon! To channel all this energy here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from premium courses:

We plan premium courses to be a consecutive series of video tutorials that deal with one single topic. We will release the tutorials consecutively as the course is being recorded. One course will contain around 10 individual video tutorials with the goal of releasing two tutorials per month.

The first course is Volumes 101. We will explain the basics of what volumes are, what different types of volumes exist and what their underlying principles are. We will start to dive into their production uses with basic setups, which we will expand into production ready node-networks.

Those setups include for example particle advection, volume growth  and shaping, volume procedurals  or volume wrangling using VEX and OpenCL.

If you've got any questions regarding premium courses, please don't hesitate to comment :)