Whats in store for the next two weeks?
Good morning everyone! 

Welcome to the next two weeks with the Bakery Bears :-) We posted the attached picture to the Facebook group over the weekend but we wanted to make sure you all saw this. 

'The Bakery Bears Treasure Hunt's pre production is now completed and filming for the first episode is taking place over the next three weeks. It promises to be our biggest and most complicated production to date. Each episode will see us visit places we know, but also discover new ones too, all whilst undertaking challenges which will help us uncover more of the story of the location. The first instalment of this new segment will appear in November and WE CANT WAIT!!

But whats in store for the next two weeks? 

  • 18th October - Tutorial Tuesday - Kay will share with you her go to bind off for shawls
  • 20th October - Knit Along with Kay - Its time for a sit down and a chat with Mrs J as she shows her progress on her Hap Shawl 
  • 25th October - Tutorial Tuesday - Kay will take you through the three needle bind off
  • 27th October - Knit Along with Kay - Kay will begin a brand new review as she takes a closer look at Malabrigo Lace 
  • 28th October - Episode 61 - Join us for all the usual plus two mystery elements!! Watch this space! Its going to be super fun.....

Thank you all so much for watching and supporting us. We cant wait to show you 'Treasure Hunt' AND we've got the Advent Calendar to look forward to AND we're lining something up for January which we hope will start all our 2017's in the best way possible......

Have a wonderful week everyone and we'll see you tomorrow for the next tutorial.

D & K x