What's It All About? - Love

The Bible is an allegory and when seen in this light one realizes those who wrote it knew all about quantum physics and knew that what we call the God Particle is right in front of our noses. It's your awareness of being - your I AM and the words are not magic but the feeling that accompanies them is magic.

Something was aware of the darkness and gave attention to and imagined light, and then the camera, then ACTION. 

That something is the Life Principle. You are the camera and projector and you provide the action.  Life must express itself and abhors a vacuum. It will fill in the gaps with something. If you are aware of being alive you are expressing life and there isn't anything more amazing or wonderful than THAT. I AM THAT, I AM. 

It's an allegory - a riddle. Awareness of being. Moses is a human and he imagines a bush on fire that does not burn after he climbs a mountain barefooted.  This means the Human goes within to stillness to the being, releasing the Man/Ego, and asks the name of God.  When you meditate you are relaxed, no shoes, and you are climbing a mountain when you go within your mind and meditate - to stillness. The name Moses means to draw out in ancient Hebrew. It means to be born in Coptic Egyptian.

So let's think about this as an allegory.

I am aware of being drawn out of Man's imagination. I am awareness of being.  When a child is born it is drawn out of a woman. When you imagine something and accept it in your imagination then it is a baby - to be born.

You are Moses. You command the world around you. No one sees or perceives things the way you do. No one. Not your mom or dad or siblings or neighbors or group buddies. No one. There is only One. You.  For your world. 

No one has lied to you but you. No one has imprisoned you but you or been mean to you but you and we all play the victim/bully, master/slave, whatever you want to call it as it doesn't matter. It's still the same thing. Like Shakespeare said - a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. 

The Life Principle made Consciousness and Consciousness made Imagination and then sunk itself and his child into each one of us individually the moment we took that breath of life.  Everyone is privileged to be here and to express life as once it is made it cannot be unmade but it can be molded into something else.

Consciousness is the clay, the potter's wheel is imagination, and you are the operator of it. You sit down and give attention to and imagine what kind of pot you will make and you begin to shape it. You love on it and mold it to be as you wish.

The power of love - unconditional love - attention. 

Now Man, the human, thinks of the outside world and how things come to be thinking it must be the why but no. It's not. He realizes that always changes but he doesn't know why. He doesn't understand - yet - it is because of who he is and what he can do and that he is operating 12 Laws of Mind. 

They are Laws, never changing, always working, works for all equally. Law. This was considered 'higher'' learning in the past. As we fell into division, all natural course of events to achieve the end imagined, we rejected these teachings and fell for the objective side of life and frankly it sucks, my two cents of course. 

The world at war is humanity at war with itself. It is about the many starting to imagine the best in men and not the worst in men - despite what they are shown. They reject it and say to themselves no way, always two sides to a story, their story, I am sure they are better than that. It will work out perfectly and all will be happy. 

Now these people have experienced others trying to tell them how to live their lives and punishing them for not being as 'good' or not doing what the other considers as the 'right' thing. They got sick of it and realized that others are just showing them what they themselves perceive so change the perception. Change the story you tell yourself. In your pain and suffering your desire is so strong for a love of man and wish for man to know it's all good - we all want the same things we just want to do it differently and it's ok. 

There is a limit to contraction - everyone has their own pain level and on a humanity scale that means a world of war and we certainly have experienced that and are sick of it. Don't care. They can do as they wish and I know they are better than that. Blessings and love to them.  

You drop it. Ignore it. Next thing you know one party blinked and now there is a cease fire, peace is being discussed - etc. You will deny your consciousness in pain cried out to imagination and said enough of this! They are better than that! Imagining them better than that and so it is.

It's all you and when we all begin to think as One - believe in the best of men rather than the worst of men - then we will be born outta here. 

Until then do your part. One for all and all for One. No human is left behind. All succeed in the end.

It's all a fairy tale and we all know how they end. Happily ever after!

A special thank you to all my patrons for your patience! I can't stop inspired writing and don't want to and this was inspired and meant for you too. You know I love you but I don't write this blog, decode the Bible, etc. for you. I do it for me.  It's my Way. This keeps me focused.  I put it out there in the hopes it will help others and they will share their Way leaving more nuggets for others to follow. Thank you for being a Follower of the Way. 

Blessings to all and thank you for being you!

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