What's New In This Explorer?
As part of a revamp, I've started improving my existing police models (Explorer, Taurus, Charger, Tahoe) by adding new details. The Explorer alone has 10+ adjustments to it. See if you can figure out what I've changed! 

These models will be used only for new packs, unless some day, I have a lot of time to update the older ones. Changes are below:

1) There are new side lights on both the driver side and the passenger side. Depending on the Department, I can remove the passenger side light. Also, the light is typically not illuminated, but if desired, they can be illuminated.

2) New Pushbar - Smoother than before, also supports emergency lighting on the side, text on the top bar

3) Actual license plate on the front - a grievance that many of you had regarding my CHP Explorers. Now, we can do plates on both sides!

4) New Bumper Textures, better and improved bumper textures as well as new specular map allows for more realistic bumpers.

5) Tire Textures - Now it actually has a tire, who would've known if I didn't point it out?

6) New window textures, though you probably can't tell on the vehicle model, more apparent on the prop.

7) Bug Fixes on the window frame - Now the Explorer actually has a window frame, unlike previous models. Also, there are no random outlines on it either.

8) Repositioned Headlights and Emissives - Previously, the emissives and headlights were off. Now, they're in the right place, right in the middle of the lightbar and at the bulb for the headlights.

9) Flattened Rear - I did this a bit earlier, but it's probably good to mention that the rear is no longer as pointy as before.

10) Door Outlines - You probably noticed these on the NYPD versions, but the door outlines were not present in earlier models. Neither was the middle rear brake light.

11)  BONUS! Symmetrical Mapping - Less Relevant to you, but more to me, this allows me to flip liveries and make the other side easier. The mapping was uneven on older models, so the text may not match perfectly on both sides. 

12) Minor Changes - Ford Logo on Front is Actually Circular, Window Borders Redone, Slight edits to Wheel Reflection, Door Handle Positioning is Now Accurate and Correctly Sized...and more