What's new in 100DOS and Halo Mythic?
Halo Mythic and the next edition of 100DOS moves forward. I've taken to improving more than what I originally expected to do. The biggest benefactor to these changes is the game's Actions system. 


Actions have been split into two categories; Combat and Non-Combat. This also brings an extension to the Actions with 5 new options for non-combat scenarios, including Performance, an Action for performing entertainment and Appeal-based actions.

This also means the Actions section is much cleaner, too. The Actions are properly categorized into the two sections and have been given a facelift similar to the Abilities. It's easier to find what you're looking for and much easier to understand.

The new vehicle section is underway, as well. The section of the book I knew would take the absolute longest to do.  Not only is it being remade from scratch, it's being made much easier to use and play. 

Vehicles took much more than just bringing over to a new book. Every vehicle is being studied and rebuilt into the new system. on top of this, everything is being cleaned up and done more properly with the new information we were given from 343 Industries. This also includes adding many new weapons as there were many new additions.

On top of vehicles being rebuilt, they're also being rebalanced and some are being repackaged. The vehicles being repackaged are generally vehicles that were placed as a single vehicle, when they were actually different chassis. The two biggest factors of this were the Warthogs and the Pelicans. The Pelican has been split into three; D77, D77H, and D79. The Warthogs were all merged into one vehicle, and then its successor was given its own.


As you can see, I've taken to redesigning the cover, as well. I'm also tying this to a slight redesign of the visuals of the book. While I'm not at the point of book decoration just yet, I do have some ideas on what I could do to improve upon the old minimalist design choices of old. The cover is still being decided upon, but the general design is there. I want something that seems more professional, but obviously still a fan-made piece of content. Now, this is the style of design I want to move towards, but it isn't set in stone.


Well, I initially wanted to push the other 100DOS games out of beta while working on Mythic. Though I've begun improving upon the changes made to 100DOS and creating improved versions of the new systems. I then understood it's best to finalize what I'm wanting for Mythic's second edition and then apply those to the betas. This would mean not needing a second release for those books, and saving me a month of work.


Mythic is getting an early beta coming soon. This beta will be to help proofread and test all the new mechanics and systems of Halo Mythic: Second Edition. This will be given to any patron and those on the Discord Chat wanting to join the games we will be running.

Join the Discord 

So, keep an eye out, as things are slowly progressing forward. I'm hoping for the first beta to be released when I complete the UNSC and human vehicles. This is sooner than later.

Thanks for your support, everyone!

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