Whats New in TVS Beta 3
 I decided not to hold beta 3 anymore, you deserve to see what I've got so far. I wanted to finish implementing some tools before the beta but what the heck, it can always be implemented for the next release.

Download latest version here 

Whats New

  • Launch Screen to select Desktop Mode or VR Mode
  • HTC Vive and Oculus Touch Support
  • Dematerializer Gun
  • Whip
  • Cat Girl has fullbody colliders
  • Work in progress Pump
  • Work in progress Taser
  • Most objects have colliders
  • Girl reacts to damage
  • & more things were fixed and added

Known Issues

  • Oculus requires SteamVR 
  • Whip has bugs
  • Oculus Touch grab things on weird angles
  • No way to exit the game, press Alt-F4
  • Milking Machine not functional
  • Arm with console not functional on VR Mode
  • Torture Machine not movable on VR Mode
  • Taser not functional
  • Whip rope and hose simulator may underperform for now
  • Use Teleport with Trigger
  • Teleport may interfere with Gun Shooting
  • VR Mode Player wont fall in floor is desintegrated

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