What's next?
As with any update, I'm sure I'll be squashing bugs for a bit before I undertake my next feature. Once that's out of the way though, I want to knock out Goal ordering (same thing I did for projects, just for Goals) and then undertake a major feature.

Lately, I've been having trouble using WordKeeperAlpha, since I've been editing far more than I've been writing. The tagging feature helps somewhat but WKA needs a little more flexibility.

That's why, for the next feature, I'm going to expand the writing session logging to include writing time, and include the ability to log pages, as opposed to words. I think this will help me as I edit my own manuscript and other people who want to keep track of their own editing work.

This has been a much requested feature and I think will help everyone (but mostly myself).

After this major feature I'll put you guys back in charge of what gets worked on next. 

What do you guys think?