What's Next? - 29.04.2017
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What’s Next? - 29.04.2017

Normally these posts are exclusive to our patrons, but this post is unusually important as we move toward the expansion. :)

It’s been awhile since we made a major content update due to planning, setup, human resources, and relaxing a bit (after 3 months of 200% attack speed), and we thank you all for your continued support and feedback. <3 

So let’s get to it:


  • New reward tiers - One of our top community priorities
    • Open feedback for our Patrons only Here
  • Community event - New mod requests post
    • Coming very very soon
    • To gather ideas to improve or create new mods going into expansion or to implement at launch
    • Super excited to hear community feedback
  • Team Expansion
    • We are very excited about this and what it will bring for you and us!
    • Big focus right now
    • Goal is to find and create epic team that shares same vision
    • Might be some surprise announcements soon :)
    • Still much here that cannot be revealed just yet


  • Insane Difficulty Submod update soon
    • Expanding on previous update to improve gameplay for Chaos and Beastmen
    • Will include first run of skill point revamp mod
  • Fake Skill Point Dump for all characters
    • Highly requested since green knight skill point dump mod
  • Tamping with general skills
    • Will be apart of open community feedback event
    • Goal is to revamp while keeping good balance
  • Map editor update - For now, we will not be making new maps
    • Editor and maps still fairly buggy and take considerable time to make
    • Already outstanding map packs available so may coordinate with those great teams in future
    • Will keep in mind and revisit as we build our team
  • Building Slots Submod for Radious - Ran into a roadblock here :o
    • Some of the features we wanted did not work as intended
    • Will be revisiting this asap with open community feedback post

Broken link? Something missing, outdated, irrelevant, or that you'd like to see? We'd love to hear about it so we can improve. Comment below or on our Feedback and Requests

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
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