Whats next for me?
 First I want to start this post by saying, sorry for the lack of updates! Unfortunately the hurricane that hit Florida, Irma, left me without power for about 2 weeks!! I had to move into a temporary residence for awhile because of it and my health conditions. But now that I have a computer again and FEMA is helping clean up the area and pay for some medical necessities I can finally make better posts not from a dying phone.   

 Secondly I still plan to move ahead with the podcast. I have had over 30 people seem rather interested in it so I might try and bring back some of the old episodes as I still gather a crew. I need your guys help with the funding though! I might try to get vlogs going again since a lot of friends and family have been asking me not only for that; but also what happened to my YouTube?   

 So About YouTube, I had to quit after another claim threatened to take my channel. As many of you probably know, for the past year or so YouTube has been trying out a new, but very flawed, system to deal with the high upload count and try to keep negative content off their platform. Unfortunately this has caused the platform to be utterly annihilated. You can barely monetize videos and claims on videos, even if fake, are destroying channels. So I had to leave YouTube for that reason as well as health. If I post anywhere I will let you guys know here first and then on every social media platform I can!   

 Finally hows my health you might ask? Well Even though I'm hanging in here, its not been a pleasant journey. Recently I have been trying to hold a job for the past 3 months, but sadly it fell through at the last second because of how sick I become. And before you ask, no there isn't anything legal I can do about it because I am physically unable to meet the requirements to hold a steady job. I have looked into disability, however I would lose my current insurance held by my family and that would be very very bad for me. Honestly I am going to do my best to focus more of my energies and efforts towards Patreon and getting more content out for my friends and family... maybe someday for the fans I could possibly generate. At this point in my life, I just want to try to survive, live life, and try to stay positive!   

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