What's Next for Jam
Hey everyone! Two weeks ago I let my Patrons ask me anything they wanted about Wasted Talent ending!   Hopefully this answers your most pressing questions :))

Two quick Patreon-related updates...

1) We hit our $500 goal!! Yeah!!! That means that I'll be drawing postcards for you all every other month. The prototype version of this was the PokeCards . I'll start this in December and then carry on every other month as long as we're above $500. I'll name a theme, you name your requests based on that theme, I'll randomize the order of the requests and draw as many as I can. If your request gets drawn, I'll mail you the original! (This seemed to work OK with the Pokemon, they arrived in pretty good condition! I thought it was pretty fun.)

2) The next goal ($700) are Ask-comics: basically what I've just posted. I expected a lot of different questions, but this time it all seemed to boil down to one question with one long complicated answer /:) (I'll answer everyone in detail next on the original post ) In the future I'll post different themes of what you might be interested in asking me questions about (biking? Vancouver? Engineering? i dunno~!)

Otherwise, thanks so much for joining me here on Patreon. The Kickstarter has obviously been a huge distraction (though I hope you have been enjoying all the preview content!) and once it's through I'll be shifting into 'development' mode. All of the ideas above... I'll be hashing them out with experiments and prototypes right here on Patreon. My goal is to keep finished works free for everyone forever, but Patrons will get to see it long before!

Ok have a good one!