What's next in sports

2018 will be tough to beat! See the above infographic for highlights (larger version here). I nearly added "made my first infographic" to the list, but didn't want to risk BLOWING YOUR MIND. 🤯

This was my first full year on Patreon, and I can't overstate the difference you all have made. Let's take it to the next level in 2019! I've got some big goals to announce soon.

It was also my best year on Spotify by a large margin:

You will be pleased to know that the leak situation has finally been resolved! I know a few of you caught my Lens updates (Patreon's version of Instagram stories). It all culminated in spending Christmas Day painting. All that's left to do now is replace two feet of rotted baseboard.

And then a post-Christmas miracle occurred. Ten of NewRetroWave emailed to let me know that they would be featuring "The Fifth of July (Instrumental)" on their YouTube channel next Tuesday i.e. New Year's Day! It promises to be my biggest YouTube placement yet, and I'll be nudging you to like and comment in the hope that it won't be the last.

While I could almost certainly wrap up a new album track by the end of January, I'm inclined to start the year off with something I know you'll love Big Time. Hint: "Wear your inside out." 🤫

And that's that! Happy New Year to you and yours, and I'll be hitting you back soon with more of my crazy schemes. Thanks for helping to make them a reality!



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