What's on the Horizon
Hello Patrons and Amazingly Awesome Readers,

I have a friend. I know that may be a surprise to some, but I do. This particular friend has been instrumental in my writing, especially in the FreeForm and Kindred series. His name is James Stepp, and if that name sounds familiar it's because it's also the name of the helicopter pilot in FreeForm who also appears in FreeForm Reborn and later in the Kindred Series. 

So, James and I had one of our brainstorming sessions this past Friday and boy, was it awesome. We worked primarily on book three of the FreeForm series although we also touched on a follow-up book for the Kindred series. 

Finishing the FreeForm series will allow me to offer these six books as the Saga of the Dandelion Expansion, thus tying in the FreeForm trilogy with the Kindred series...finally. 

What Else is on the Horizon

For better or worse, I tend to work on multiple projects at a time. This way if I find myself stuck on one storyline, I can switch over to another story, then come back to the original one refreshed with new ideas and twists. (I'll write about the pros and cons of this approach in more detail in the future.)

So, while working with James on FreeForm: Mission Resumed (the working title of FreeForm 3), I'm also working on book two of the Amberlin series with the working title, Amberlin: Awakening. I've written about 41,000 words of what I expect will clock in around 70,000 words. I've also outlined book 3 of the trilogy in case you were wondering.

Further along in the pipeline is Stars Beckon Call, a book I wrote years ago but recently revised and entered in the Inkitt.com publishing contest. There I learned from many of the positive reviews that readers are hoping and expecting a follow-up book. (gulp) SBC is currently going through a final edit.

Anything Else?

Glad you asked. On the more distant horizon is:

Stellar Shepherd - a YA space opera and one of the first books I ever wrote then stuck in a desk drawer. While I'm not sure yet whether it'll see the light of day, it has passed its first test. When I pulled it out recently and started reading it, I enjoyed it. (It's also currently available on Inkitt.com to see what other readers think about it.)

Zak Bates Eco-adventure series:  Zak Bates, Ra-Kit, Sampson, and Allie are some of my favorite characters. Zak is my version of Tom Swift, Jr. which was one of my favorite series growing up. Book two, Endangered, was recently published by Creativia. I envision book three will be about the plight of the elephant and how they are being systematically annihilated by ruthless poachers. Working title: Ivory.

Babble: book one of the Cosmic Conspiracy series, has been one of my best-received books with a 5-star rating on Amazon. And yes, it's one of my favorite stories as well. I know there has to be a book two and three, but at the moment I'm daunted by the task. 

With all these partially completed series in the works, do I dare consider starting a new one? Yep, I do. I envision the Tess Barkley series as a set of books appropriate for young adults while also appealing to adults, a little like how the Harry Potter series was received years ago. Part of the theme will be genetic engineering gone wild.

Yes, that's my dog, Argos, as one of the characters. Stay tuned for a prequel short story as well. 

Last but far from least, I do see a follow-up to Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat. In fact, some of the short stories I'm writing monthly for patrons will likely appear there along with revisiting some of the characters that appeared in the first Fantastic Fables. 

Your Turn

Which of these books would you love to see next? Leave your comments and questions below.

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