What's on my sketchbook
Good Morning, everyone. It's early here, in Brazil. I had to wake up at 6am on a Sunday, because.... I'm a mom LOL Just kidding! But not so much! Lol I have a lot of comissions to finish, and next weekend my workshops will begin The year really started. Well, this post is to announce a new thing here, on my Patreon page. As some of you may know, I have an instagram account ( @samesjc, if you don't follow me there) and I am used to post a lot of my sketchbooks paints. So, now, I'll be posting it here too. With this, the posts can be more frequent, because make the timelapses and the step-by-step take a time, and I don't like the blank it comes when I can finish one of these to post here. So, this is the session "What's on my sketchbook " What do you think of the name? Have a great Sunday Kss Sabrina