What's on the Phaser horizon
I just wanted to let everyone know what is due to be released for Phaser in the coming months. $20+ patrons get these all for free as part of their support.

Particle Storm

This is a really lovely advanced particle system for Phaser. Working as a native plugin it allows you to create multiple particle systems in your games. Particles can be emitted using any one of a number of different renderers, from spitting out basic Sprites, to RenderTextures and BitmapDatas. There are some really powerful flow controls and inheritance too - so a particle can become an emitter itself over time, spawning children that in turn become emitters too! It allows for really easy chaining of effects.

Personally I'm really excited about this plugin, mostly because I've always been a bit of a graphics addict, but the effects you can create are truly lovely!

Interphase #1

Originally this began life as The Phaser Book of Games, but has recently evolved into something much more.  The concept behind Interphase is that I've always wanted to produce a Phaser magazine. But the costs involved in publishing a printed magazine are phenomenal; from the time spent doing layout to the actual printing costs. And as much as I personally utterly adore printed magazines, it has to be said they're going the way of the dinosaur.

So instead we re-thought the concept and circled back around to producing an online magazine instead. There are in-depth technical content, with real deep-dives into the guts and inner workings of Phaser. There are complete finished games that come with "Making Of" guides, so you can learn the thought processes and code behind them, then rip them apart and refashion them yourself. We've got "Micro Games" - small focused games, that concentrate on one gameplay mechanic. Plus code snippets, mini tutorials and of course loads of great art (the picture at the top of this post is some of the art from Interphase 1). So instead of just a single ebook you'll get access to the Interphase web site and a whole grab bag of content to download.

We'll see how this plays out - it might be that people prefer to buy a 'single PDF' after all, but I want to try this route first - you never know!

A Complete Guide to the Phaser State Manager

This book is nearly finished. Right now I'm considering it just being part of Interphase #1, but I could also release it for a lower cost in the same way the other Phaser books have been published. Your thoughts on this matter are welcome!

Future Products

The above are 'imminent' and due to sale very soon. However I've also got lined-up a Phaser Path Manager Plugin + Editor and a Phaser Grid Manager Plugin. The Path Manager was started a long time ago, but needs updating for Phaser 2.4 and tidying up a little. It will allow you to create really intricate motion paths for sprites. The Grid Manager is a great plugin - think Match3 games, Tetris, Minesweeper or anything that requires a powerful grid system. This handles it, making building those types of game a real breeze.

So the future is bright indeed! I'd love to hear your comments on any of the above (or any other ideas you have for Phaser products).

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