What's something that needs to be said that nobody wants to hear?

American society is collapsing, and it’s all because of modern liberalism. I haven’t even gotten to my main points, but I’m sure there is already a Disneyland caliber line ready to pounce on this answer with accusations of homophobia, misogyny, sexism, and white supremacy (nevermind the fact that I’m Asian). Anyway, I’ll start listing.

  1. Say Watcha Wanna Say

    I get the difference between free speech and hate speech. I understand. But it seems like people are starting to confuse the definitions of the two. Opinion = free; Threat = hate. That’s it. The notion that expressing a different opinion constitutes “hate speech” based on some indirect assumption of later violence is asinine.

    If someone wants to believe that transgenderism is a mental disorder rather than a legitimate state of mind based on his understanding of biological fact, that’s his freedom. May I necessarily agree with him? No. But that’s my freedom as well. His freedom to express that opinion is not refutable based on how it may offend you.

    There is a difference between being offended and being harassed. Nobody is following anyone around, insulting you with their opinion. If you don’t agree with them, don’t associate with them. It’s that simple. In other words, nobody else is responsible for your feelings. If you legitimately believe that political correctness (outside of the workplace) has a place in law, then you’re a fascist.
  2. Femme Fatale

    Feminism really is great. By feminism, I’m talking about the original feminist movement, in which women fought for the right to vote, for workplace equality, and for the same societal opportunities as men. They succeeded. The leftover feminists today range from misguided to outright senselessly bitter.

    I’m not saying that ZERO male-biased sexism exists in our society. But the notion that women in our society are at some sort of institutional disadvantage as a whole is outright false. More women than men go on to finish university. They get higher grades while IN university, and until their mid thirties, they even make MORE than men. Yet, more and more women cite that they feel unfulfilled, and feel less happy about their lives than ever before. Why?

    I’m not going to argue that all women should stay at home and raise children. But with the rise of feminism also came the decline of housewives being acceptable. More and more, women are being criticized for “being lazy” when they really just want to have a husband and raise a family. It is actually less acceptable for women to stay at home, even if it’s what they want to do. So off they go to college for a useless degree, followed by a useless job that will not fulfill even the slightest shred of their emotional wellbeing. There’s feminism for you, ruining the lives of women all across America.
  3. Don’t Shoot! I Have No Money!

    You know where this is going. This is a touchy subject, what with the recent shooting in Nevada. Everyone is calling for a massive ban on assault rifles. In California where I live, good luck getting a conceal carry permit, even if you live in Downtown LA or Compton where it would be justified (and in some cases, especially in those areas).

    Before I get into my argument, let’s look at some of the liberal arguments on why gun control is important:
    1. “Why do you need a gun?” - That’s not on me to prove. Our country was founded on the principle that what the individual has a right to precedes what the state has an interest to. It is the burden of the government to prove why I personally should not have a gun, not the other way around.
    2. “There is no need for you to have an assault rifle because they are military style guns.” - Wrong, that is precisely why I need to be allowed to have an assault rifle. The purpose of our Second Amendment right was less for self defense and more for our ability to revolt if needed against tyranny. As Ben Shapiro put it in one of his interviews, “The fact that my grandparents and great grandparents in Europe didn’t fear [tyranny] is why they are now ashes in Europe.” He then went on to state that the notion of democracies having no risk of becoming tyrannical is ficticious. And he’s right.
    3. “What about all the mass shootings?” - What about them? What about the fact that the overwhelming majority of gun crime is committed with handguns? What about the fact that we’ve had guns since America existed, yet mass shootings are really a side effect of only the late 1900’s and on? What about the fact that every single mass shooting minus two of them, since EVER has been committed in a gun-free zone/ area with very few guns? So… What’s your point again?

    Let’s ignore everyone’s argument for now in exchange for a poll. Who here is a fan of the Cold War? <nobody raises hands> Great. How many of you would’ve preferred to have had the Cold War turn into an actual war?

    While the Cold War really sucked, it taught a great principle. Mutually Assured Destruction. Why do shootings happen most often in no-gun zones? Why does it seem like the states with the most stringent gun laws also have the most gun crime (California and New York)? I’m willing to bet that if schools had armed teachers/administrators, you wouldn’t hear about a school shooting for a long time. If everyone is armed, nobody is harmed. Simple.
  4. Pursuit of Happiness
    The liberal agenda is and always has been the removal of rights from the individual in order to supply rights to the state. I’m not saying they are communist, but the ideas do lean in the direction of a collectivist agenda. Millenial liberals seem to have this strange belief that the government is responsible for providing for them.

    As immigrants, my parents came to America not speaking English. They worked full-time jobs while attending college, and eventually, painstakingly created a life here, winding up as engineers (and now they work for the state government). They created their American Dream through hard work and perseverance. But what about now? Everyone wants to tax the rich, set ridiculous minimum wage numbers, and force companies to pay for all sorts of benefits.

    Here’s a reality check. Nobody is responsible for your health. Nobody is responsible for your wages. When you decide to work for someone, you have a consensual agreement to accept the wage that you are worth based on the free market. A cashier at Mackies is not worth as much as an EMT. Forcing a company to pay more than you are worth creates inflation. The more you are paid, the higher the living cost will rise based on prices. If you’re not happy that your time is only worth 10.50 an hour, then it’s your responsibility to improve your worth through education and experience.

    I’m nowhere near as eloquent as speakers like Ben Shapiro or Milo HoweverYouSpellHisLastNamePoulos, but the problems they bring up (despite their contradictory views on many of them) are important. Liberalism is destroying the foundation of a free society by adding rules to things that don’t require rules, limits to things that need breathing space.

    The most genius (and devious) part of the equation is that liberalism uses the ultimate logical fallacy in the form of moralistic condescension. Any and all opposing views are branded as immoral by default, regardless of any facts or justifications behind those views. By branding everyone else as immoral, they win all arguments by virtue of “I’m a better person than you”. Liberalism is fascism, and there is no way around that fact.
    Body positivity. Excuse my French, but what in Sam Heck is that?! I get it, you should love yourself blah blah. But loving yourself entails living a healthy lifestyle. I don’t give a rat’s tail whether you think I should find you attractive despite the fact that you’re 250lbs at 5′3. You’re not, at least to me, anyway.

    The notion that people should be lied to in order to feel beautiful is ludicrous. Girls are being raised in these social justice warrior idiocies based on the fallacy that men should find them attractive regardless of their appearance, and it’s making people depressed. You can’t rewire subjective attractiveness by telling everyone they are sexist, chauvinist, misogynist pigs if they don’t find fat girls attractive. The fact of the matter is this: Laziness, gluttony, and unhealthy bodies are ugly.

    Rather than promoting a healthy lifestyle on the basis of emotional, physiological, and psychological well-being, liberals are convincing the youth of America that they can be whatever they want and look like whatever they want, and that somehow people are required to approve of it and love them anyway. It’s ridiculous.

    Don’t even get me started on the whole, “Chase your dreams” crowd. We are in a society where everyone thinks they are special. If you have a dream, you can make it because you are unique. Everyone can become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. But here’s the problem with that, folks. If everyone is special, then nobody is. If your IQ barely breaks 95 and you can’t even manage to tie your shoes, I’m sorry to say you’re probably notgoing to succeed as an astrophysicist.

    Job satisfaction has been steadily decreasing for the last 20 years because everyone wants to be successful on the basis of “I’m special” rather than through hard work, dedication, and effort. People get famous for “Cash me ousside, how bow dah” instead of driving into enemy fire to rescue their injured friends because our society worships glamour as a result of entitlement. So don’t tell me that I’m not special, that I’ll have to do my taxes, be productive to society, and learn to “agree to disagree” with other people, because I’ll be offended and that’s not cool.

    EDIT: I have a whole lot more on the ridiculousness of liberals, but it would be an entire book, not just a Quora answer, so I will avoid writing it all out here.